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Petition Against Malaysian Cat Abuser in Serdang

Petition To: "Malaysian National Animal Welfare Foundation",

We would like to gather support and bring this matter to the authority of Malaysia to take action on the Cat Abuser as recently circulated around in Facebook and Twitter. The CCTV recording in Serdang showed a 5-minutes footage of several kittens getting beaten with an umbrella, kicked, thrown and abused in such inhumane ways.

Malaysian Cat Abuser

The video can be found here:

News item regarding this abuse can be found here:

The person has been identified in Facebook:

We, the undersigned, want a fair justice to be serve on such abusive person to prevent the next Animal Abuse incident from happening again. We already had recent animal abuse case involving a poodle dog and we do not wish to see this sick behavior becoming a trend in our country Malaysia.

Animals have their rights. We hope with this case, Animal Rights awareness will be raised.

The Undersigned
(Thu, 03 March, 2011)

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CAT MURDERERVideo response to the kitten killer!
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Name Location Comments Date Signed
emme uk 05-Sep-2015
Amad Abdulla Damansara Heights Emma if it makes you happy I'll hire The Equalizer to make a hole at the back of her head with a power drill.. 12-Dec-2014
Jennifer Boey Yi Ching 27-Apr-2012
Anonymous Kuching the kittens did her no harm. to treat it so brutally is way too much. she deserves the same treatment that she gave to the kittens 02-Apr-2012
amira binti khairul ikmal bukit jelutong 11-Sep-2011
Anonymous Selangor Hi there, very glad that you guys have this petition. are you aware of the on-going petition for harsher legislations against animal abusers? Myself together with other animal lovers have a facebook group page where we are uniting to get more signatures for this petition so that it can be submitted to the Prime Minister. This petition is supported by SPCA, PAWS and other animal welfare organizations. Is it possible for you to add the 800+ signatures here into the on-going petition? To date, there are 20958 signatures. Target is 100K! Please support us! Thank you very much! :) 11-Sep-2011
Anonymous Petaling Jaya Lets hinder animal cruelty. They are beautiful creatures by God too. 11-Sep-2011
Ho Keren Shah Alam I fucking hate animal abusers. I'll do fucking anything to help the innocent animals! 11-Sep-2011
MJ Hashim Cardiff 16-Aug-2011
amy kota kinabalu can anyone near the said place get the dead kitten a proper burial please. 28-Jul-2011

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Stop Animal Abuse

animal rights, cat abuse,

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