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All foreign workers regardless to their income should pay income taxes.

Petition To: "YAB Datuk Seri Haji Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak",

We Malaysian, employed foreign workers in a variety of sector; manufacturing, construction, plantation, agricultural, services and domestic help sector. In services sector foreign worker are employed in fourteen sub sectors: (restaurant, launderette, welfare homes, cleaning services, wholesale/retail, goldsmith, barber, metal/scraps/recycle activities, cargo handling, hotel, caddy in golf club, textile and spa/reflexology). No doubt high demands of workers in our beloved country are necessitates huge number of man power.  

A statistic issued by Economic Planning Unit of Malaysia shows from 1999 the registered foreign workers in Malaysia were around 410,000. This figure has been increased drastically to 2,062,596 in 2008. That is a staggering 503% increment which also represents 0.07% of Malaysian population.  Bear in mind these figures are for registered workers, legally work in Malaysia. MTUC reported estimated figures of 450,000 of foreign workers in Malaysia are illegal. It is not my intention here to criticize our immigration, police, local councils and others on enforcing the law. That would be on other chapter.

Now convert these figures into RM, the foreign workers generate millions on income every year in RM, clean cut. What did they do with their earnings? They send it back to where ever they from. We may or may not aware that not only we lost on the income taxes, aloes the currency exchange. The only person who is making money in this situation while having their feet up is Western the blood sucking Union.

My fellows Malaysian, there are no reason why the foreign worker should not pay taxes. Our government provided them the same things that enjoying today, they infrastructure, health welfare, the prison, the law enforcement, the local authorities, the fire brigade, the no so cheap fuel, the political stability above all the opportunity to work. All these cost money and who paid them all?? We are, so is it so hard to shown some courtesy, pay a tiny income tax and be on your way?

For these reasons I’m urging all Malaysia to sign my petition calling all foreign worker to pay for income tax.  

The Undersigned
(Wed, 15 July, 2009)

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